The TOTO Group respects the individuality of diverse human resources, such as age, sexuality, and nationality, and wants to create an enriched and more comfortable lifestyle and culture built through new ideas born from it.
In particular, to promote female career development, we established the “Kirameki Promotion Office” under the direct control of the president in 2005, and have actively promoted the career advancement of women, including the ability of female employees and awareness surveys. Transferred to the Human Resources Development Division from fiscal 2010, renamed the "Diversity Promotion Group", and has promoted various activities such as "promoting active women" and "promoting employment of people with disabilities", and for temporary and contract employees We have established a step-up system for regular employees.
In addition, we introduce various role models at our internal diversity site, and promote information dissemination and internal understanding regarding various working styles.

Top Message

TOTO Group has been working to expand the range of choices available to its employees, so that workers of all generations can develop their abilities, are provided with opportunities and can maintain a good work-life balance while challenging themselves with active, demanding roles. This is based on our aspiration for creating a company where, based on its strength in diversity, diverse human resources gather and work comfortably irrespective of age, working time, location, and type of job, and have the motivation to take on new challenges.
We will periodically issue a Top Message relating to the promotion of diversity with a view to developing the corporate climate and awareness within the Group that will underpin these efforts.

Career Support for Female Employees

In the TOTO Group, the percentage of women in managerial positions reached 10% in FY 2017, or TOTO's 100th anniversary. Aiming for 20% by FY 2022, the entire TOTO Group in Japan is continuing employing women in regular positions and to develop stratified programs for many different female staff members with the aim of supporting their pursuit of a career and skill improvements. This hierarchy-based training is a program that targets female employees and their managers and we are focusing on improving management skills from management positions, which is necessary for career promotion of female employees, and on increased awareness in managers. Skill acquisition through training programs that takes place in parallel with the involvement of business roles through manager involvement in leading to efficient and effective improvement in skills for female human resources that have had few training opportunities to develop management skill.
Furthermore, in TOTO's business in Japan, we are promoting the transferal of contract staff to sales positions and then appointing them as regular staff.
In addition, all employees conduct annual career interviews to check individual career plans, advice from their superiors regarding them, and support items.

Total number of employees by gender

Number of new graduates hired by gender
  FY2016(Employment in April 2017) FY2017(Employment in April 2018) FY2018(Employment in April 2019)
(no. of personnel) (%) (no. of personnel) (%) (no. of personnel) (%)
Number of new graduate hires 305 100% 305 100% 317 100%
Male 215 70% 212 70% 232 73%
Female 90 30% 93 30% 85 27%
  • *Data for full-time employees of TOTO Group (Japan)

Number of Management positions by gender

*For overseas, full-time employees only

Number of Management positions by job title

*TOTO Group's (Japan) full-time employees at the rank of section manager or higher

Employees newly appointed to management positions by gender
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
(no. of personnel) (%) (no. of personnel) (%) (no. of personnel) (%)
Employees newly appointed to management positions 243 100% 173 100% 171 100%
Male 198 81% 131 76% 116 68%
Female 45 19% 42 24% 55 32%
  • *For before FY 2017, TOTO's full-time employees at the rank of section manager or higher
  • *For after FY 2018, TOTO Group's (Japan) full-time employees at the rank of section manager or higher

Average length of service
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Average length of service 16.2 16.5 14.1
Male 19.5 19.9 16.2
Female 11.8 12.1 11.0
  • *Actual results of full-time/contract employees of TOTO LTD. for the period to FY2017.
  • *From fiscal 2018, actual results of full-time /contract employees of TOTO Group (Japan)

Details of hierarchy-based training to support the careers of female employees

Step-up training

This training consists of four sessions, the aim of which is to teach female employees how to create and own issues and involve colleagues in working out solutions.
At the final session of the fourth, as Results Presentation, all training participants make presentations in front of everyone on issues specific to their own divisions under the theme of resolving issues. Also, direct supervisors of the participants are directly or indirectly involved in all the programs and support their learning as Business Coaches. In addition, after FY 2018, we have reviewed on existing programs, newly added a joint session between supervisors and training participants, and increased employees' opportunities to communicate with their supervisors about their business issues and expected roles. By proactively engaging in their work during the half-year training period while receiving their supervisors' support, training participants felt changes in their awareness towards work and specific changes in their behaviors, which leads them to improve their motivation on their skill and career development. They say as follows: "The joint session with supervisors deepened my understanding of my expected roles and business issues and made me want to actively make efforts." "I have become more aware of needing to work, taking initiative to involve people around (supervisors and members)." "I have become to always think about what the purpose is and become consistent." "I have become able to consider issues from a little wider perspective."

Training for management position candidates

This type of training aims to develop management skills in female human resources.
Training participants are able to understand their strengths and identify issues for improvements as a managerial worker who runs an organization, by understanding abilities required for managerial positions and objectively understanding their own current abilities through the programs. As for issues on abilities, they will develop specific issue resolution plans and resolve them through OJT after the training.
Also, after the training, a meeting is held between the training participant's supervisor (equivalent to the General Manager of his/her division), training lecturer and HR Division personnel to share the participant's strengths and issues for improvements and issue resolution plan. We also provide in-depth support for personal development in their own divisions after the training, considering concrete plans and exchanging opinions on how their divisions solve participant's issues through OJT after the training, to surely improve their skills.
In addition, since FY 2018 we have had programs under the theme of "Removal of Unconscious Bias" for females participants and participants' supervisors, where we provide opportunities for female participants to be able to notice their own unconscious bias in themselves, such as assumptions and hesitation, and for supervisors to practically learn of their unconscious bias towards female employees and unneeded considerations likely happening by lack of communication by using concrete case studies. Also, for training participants who once gave a feedback that they did not have proper role models around them after watching a video on interview to a female in managerial position, we try to help them have concrete image on female managers.
As for the Step-up Training and Managerial Candidate Training, about 380 employees have participated so far, and 40% of them are now in managerial positions.

Promoting Employment of Persons with Disabilities

Aiming to achieve normalization so that persons with disabilities and able-bodied people can work in all TOTO Group workplaces, we have continued to actively employ persons with disabilities. The employment rate of persons with disabilities in FY 2018 achieved 2.61%. At present, over 300 persons with disabilities in the entire Group work in various workplaces.
People with disabilities work alongside able-bodied people in all of our workplaces, and we actively consider how to respond to obstacles by planning to facilitate employees with disabilities. We are making a particular effort to develop the right environment at our facilities by, for example, installing elevators that can accommodate wheelchairs, setting up automatic doors at clerical matters office entrances, and establishing toilets that can facilitate wheelchair use.
TOTO also actively conducts study groups that target workplaces before persons with and without disabilities will work together, to enable all parties to learn about relevant considerations, precautions and other elements of a system of acceptance. We also introduce and provide support tools such as boards used for written communication and hands-free phones, and hold periodic meetings for people with disabilities after they join TOTO Group and provide support in order to retain them after employment begins.
As a result that these initiatives were highly regarded, we received the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry Award at the 7th Most Valuable Japanese Company Awards in Mar. 2017.
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Ratio of employees with disabilities      
Japan 2.57% 2.6% 2.61%
Overseas 0.79% 0.84% 0.82%
  • *Japan: Calculated based on the calculation standard for the mandatory proportion of jobs for handicapped people established in Japan.
  • Overseas: Calculated based on the number of employees with disabilities and total employees in the Group companies.

Roles of special subsidiary company of TOTO, the parent company: About SUNAQUA TOTO LTD

To provide a worker-friendly workplace to persons with disabilities who have the will and capability to work but lack employment opportunities, in 1993 TOTO invested, along with Fukuoka Prefecture and the city of Kitakyushu, in establishing SUNAQUA TOTO under a public-private partnership. We hope that, based on the concept of normalization, SUNAQUA TOTO can continue to provide a place where those with disabilities work alongside the able-bodied, and will continue to grow and prosper along with the community.

  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
(no. of personnel) (%) (no. of personnel) (%) (no. of personnel) (%)
Number of employees with disabilities 314 100% 316 100% 318 100%
SUNAQUA TOTO 83 26% 85 27% 93 29%
  • *TOTO Group(Japan)
  • *Calculated based on data as of April 1 of each year.

Reemployment System for Retirees

In light of the April 2013 revision of the Act on Stabilization of Employment of Elderly Persons, we have achieved 100% reemployment of applicants.
TOTO has put various systems in place in order to, among other things, ensure job security by creating new positions, establish jobs with numerous duties to allow employees to work with a sense of purpose, and create evaluation structures.
We also working to enhance training offered so that it leads to improved motivation and sense of worth by helping employees to create a career vision during the early career stage and by providing opportunities to think about styles of work from one's early 50's and onwards.

Creating a More Global Workforce

Approximately 17,000 employees (48% of the employees of TOTO Group) of foreign nationalities work here at the TOTO Group, and the localization of human resources in overseas Group companies is proceeding. In Japan, we are working to recruit and fairly treat competent human resources, regardless of their nationality, in an effort to obtain and retain a wide variety of human assets. We hire the individuals needed to expand and enlarge overseas businesses. When individuals with different experiences, cultures, and values are brought together, they stimulate each other, energize internal activities, and help to create new value. Our ultimate aim is to become a truly global company.
Total number of employees by region
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Group total number of employees 100% 100% 100%
Japan 56% 54% 52%
China 21% 20% 20%
Asia・Oceania 19% 22% 24%
Americas 4% 4% 4%
Europe 0.3% 0.3% 0.4%

Number of employees who are foreign nationals
  FY2016 FY2017 FY2018
Number of employees who are foreign nationals 40 39 45
  • Data for full-time /contract employees of TOTO Group (Japan)

Promotion of understanding of minorities

The TOTO Group defines in the "TOTO Group Human Resources Policy" that we respect fundamental human rights, and we do not discriminate on the basis of race, beliefs, sexuality, social status, nationality, disability, employment status, age, religion, or any other status.
Based on this policy, the TOTO Group will promote the correct understanding of minorities and prevent unconscious discrimination and bias to develop a work environment where a diverse range of human resources can play active roles.
As a part of this activity, we have distributed contents on Basic Knowledge About LGBT to all the employees in the TOTO Group (Japan) through the e-learning system since FY 2018. We have also set up consultation service for responding to minorities, including LGBT employees to discuss anxieties and concerns.
These efforts were highly acclaimed, and we were awarded the best prize Gold in October 2018 by a private organization, work with Pride in the PRIDE Index, which is a rating index of efforts for sexual minorities at work including LGBT.