At the TOTO Group, we believe that if all employees review their work hours to improve the balance between work and home life, they will be more productive and obtain more satisfaction from their work.
We stipulate in the TOTO Group Compliance Policy that TOTO shall comply with laws and regulations, social rules in every aspect of our business activities, and relevant laws and regulations that define the working hours applied in the region, and endeavor to reduce long working hours. We also define in the medium-term management plan TOTO WILL2022 to achieve 100% paid-leave acquisition rates in Japan by 2022 and continue promoting workstyle reforms.

Promoting employee work-life balance

​​The TOTO Group strives to create a company that attracts diverse human resources and allows them to work with peace of mind and to take on challenges with vitality. In addition to encouraging employees to take paid leave, we have also put in place various systems that facilitate the adoption of diverse work styles and help employees balance work and child or nursing care responsibilities.
In addition, we post and deliver the number of users and concrete use cases for such systems on the Intranet and the internal newsletter as a part of awareness raising for work-life balance and provide opportunities for each employee to improve their work-life balance.
In recognition of these efforts, TOTO received the 6th Annual Grand Prize for Work-Life Balance, sponsored by the Japan Productivity Center.
Work Hours
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Standard working hours per year 1907.1 1907.2 1906.5
Average hours actually worked per year 1991.1 1969.8 1936.6
Average hours of overtime per month 16.0 15.1 14.2

*Data for full-time /contract employees of the TOTO Group (Japan)

Paid holidays taken
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Number of days of paid holidays taken 13.9 15.0 17.9
Percentage of paid holidays taken 74.6% 80.8% 89.8%

*Data for full-time/contract employees of the TOTO Group (Japan)

Number of People Using Reduced Work Hour and Leave Systems

*Data for full-time /contract employees of TOTO LTD.

Number of People Using Variety of systems to support diverse working methods
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Hourly leave 5,490 6,375 6,581
Half-day leave 6,687 7,491 7,591
Volunteer leave 46 28 35
Refresh leave 465 393 490
Flextime work schedules 1,742 2,105 4,241
Work-from-home system - 135 209
Three year sabbatical system for spouses working overseas 4 9 15

*Data for full-time /contract employees of TOTO LTD.
*Refresh leave: Data for full-time employees of TOTO LTD.
*Work-from-home system: This system was implemented for the TOTO Group (Japan) in April 2018.
*Three year sabbatical system for spouses working overseas: Data for for the TOTO Group (Japan)

Variety of systems to support diverse working methods
System contents
Hourly leave Up to 5 days (40 hours) of leave can be taken in hourly units throughout the year.
Half-day leave In general, annual paid leave is taken in full days, but leave can also be used in half-day units without restriction.
Volunteer leave In order to support employees who participate in volunteer activities, the volunteer leave program allows five days of leave per year.
Refresh leave This leave program aims to refresh the spirit and broaden the horizons of employees who have been with the company continuously for 10, 20 or 30 years by means of a domestic or international trip.
Flextime work schedules This flextime work system allows employees who have been working to request reduced work hours, as defined by the department, or to change the start/end time of the working day.
Work-from-home system Work-from-home system is a system that allows employees with childcare or family care responsibilities to work at home as part-time or full-time workers.
Three year sabbatical system for spouses working overseas This system provides a sabbatical of a maximum length of three years so that employees can continue with their careers when accompanying a spouse who is working overseas.

Employee Turnover Rate
FY2017 FY2018 FY2019
Voluntary employee turnover rate (%) 2.0% 2.3% 2.3%
Employee turnover rate due to life events(%) 6.1% 3.4% 2.9%

*Data for full-time employees of the TOTO Group (Japan)
*Employee turnover rate due to life events(Japan): Rate of employees who left their position due to giving birth, raising children, getting married, and providing nursing care, among total number of employees who left for personal reasons.

Promoting participation in family care and childcare for male employees

The TOTO Group encourages male employees to take an active role in housework and childcare to better understand the diversity of work styles, appreciate the need for work-life balance, and make them aware of the need to help support working women.
The paid child care leave system, Paternity and Maternity Leave System, is a support system that encourages employees with children to acquire consecutive leaves for household and child care and helps employees who are not willing to take child care leave due to a decline in revenue and who have terminated their child care leave period to actively participate in household and child care.
Also, we have established a dedicated site on the company Intranet and introduced related systems and role models to promote active leave acquisition and raise awareness. These efforts were highly recognized, and we were certified by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare as a company supporting child care and acquired the next-generation certification mark Kurumin in 2012 and a higher standard Platinum Kurumin in 2018 as we achieved a 30% Paternity and Maternity Leave acquisition rate.

Dual support for careers and life events

The TOTO Group supports balance between work and life events for employees while allowing them to continue with their careers by introducing and operating various systems.
The major support systems include an area limited employment system that employees can provisionally select a working area due to marriage, childbearing, childrearing and other reasons, a leave system that employees can take a leave for three years due to accompanying of spouse's overseas duties, a human resources registration system that when leaving office is unavoidable for any life events, employees can receive information on employment opportunities, and when the employees want to restart working after the reason is resolved, they can receive job information.

Realization of working styles that offer more flexible working hours and places of work

The TOTO Group implemented the work-from-home system for the TOTO Group (Japan) in April 2018 to develop an environment where employees who have the need for childcare or family care and want to continue working can balance their jobs with such commitments. This is a system that allows employees with child care or family care responsibilities to work at home as part-time or full-time workers.
As a part of the workstyle reforms, we have established a dedicated site on the company Intranet and introduce related systems and role models. For example, sales personnel with child care responsibilities who work shortened working hours can become full-time workers by adopting the work at home program for even only one hour every day. This allows the personnel to engage in previously extended work and sort out and prioritize the work and help to improve work efficiency.
We also actively post special feature articles on the union's newsletter and hold round table talks about work-life balance as a collaborative effort with the Labor Union.