At the TOTO Group, we believe that if all employees review their work hours to improve the balance between work and home life, they will be more productive and obtain more satisfaction from their work. To encourage employees to use their paid leave, TOTO introduced a system for taking paid leave by the hour. Awareness surveys were conducted to understand the current conditions of the organizational culture, which led to adopting no-overtime days as an initiative for reduced work hours, multiple work patterns and hours to help employees who need to care for a family member, and increase in the number of employees taking advantage of childrearing leave and shorter working hour system in both genders. In addition, we introduced in Apr. 2018 a system of working at home and an area limited employment system for work-life balance, aiming to support employees who want to keep working while having various reasons including childrearing and care giving.
Information content about childcare and elder care on our intranet has been expanded.
In recognition of these efforts, TOTO received the 6th Annual Grand Prize for Work-Life Balance, sponsored by the Japan Productivity Center and was certified as a company that bolsters the next generation by supporting child rearing by the Japanese Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare, and obtained Kurumin certification in 2012 and "Platinum Kurumin" in 2017.

Number of People Using Reduced Work Hour and Leave Systems by Gender

Work Hours(FY 2017)

Promoting employee work-life balance

A variety of systems will operate throughout all companies to encourage employees toward a goal of taking 12 or more days a year(6or more days per quarter) of paid leave. The TOTO Group is introducing telecommuting for managerial positions that entail many duties outside the office as it currently reviews introduction of telecommuting for all employees.
In addition, the Mama and Papa Vacation system has been available. This is a special system in place for employees with children who are encouraged to take consecutive days for reasons of child-rearing to promote employees that hesitate to take childcare leave due to decrease in income, employees that have used up childcare leave or employees that their partner is currently taking a childcare leave to actively participate in household choirs and child-rearing.In particular, we are involving superiors in proactively encouraging male employees with a newborn to take childcare leave, for example by having superiors recommend it to their staff. In fiscal 2017, 562 staff members took this leave.Actual cases of employees taking childcare leave are featured on the Intranet and shared through the in-house magazine, creating opportunities for employees to think about how to improve their own work-life balance.

A variety of systems to support diverse working methods

Number of People Using Each System
FY2015 FY2016 FY2017
Hourly leave Up to 5 days (40 hours) of leave can be taken in hourly units throughout the year. 4,884 5,381 5,490
Half-day leave In general, annual paid leave is taken in full days, but leave can also be used in half-day units without restriction. 6,506 6,585 6,687
Volunteer leave In order to support employees who participate in volunteer activities, the volunteer leave program allows five days of leave per year. 24 28 46
Refresh leave This leave program aims to refresh the spirit and broaden the horizons of employees who have been with the company continuously for 10, 20 or 30 years by means of a domestic or international trip.
Period Leave (days)
10 years 5 consecutive days
20 years 10 consecutive days
30 years 5 consecutive days
362 466 465
Reduced work hours and flextime work schedules for childcare This flextime work system allows employees who have been working for more than one year and who have children below the age of three to request reduced work hours, as defined by the department, or to change the start/end time of the working day.
*Employees with children above the age of three who are in the sixth year of elementary school or below can also choose this system if the department approves.
1,859 1,903 1,742
Three year sabbatical system for spouses working overseas This system provides a sabbatical of a maximum length of three years so that employees can continue with their careers when accompanying a spouse who is working overseas. 1 1 4

*Date for regular employees of TOTO.Ltd
*Date for regular / contract employees of TOTO.Ltd :Hourly leave, Half-day leave

Promoting participation in family care and childcare for male employees

The TOTO Group encourages male employees to take an active role in housework and childcare to better understand the diversity of work styles, appreciate the need for work-life balance, and make them aware of the need to help support working women. We focus especially on encouraging male personnel to take childcare leave and paid leave to help out with childcare and build their awareness of work and family balance. We also organize a cooking workshop for men so that male employees, who rarely prepare meals on a daily basis, learn how hard it is to do housework by doing hands-on cooking, eating, and cleaning activities. The aim of these activities is to encourage them to take a more active role in housework and childcare, and have a better understanding of the difficulties working women face. At the beginning of the event, a member from the management team speaks directly to male workers, telling them that their support is indispensable to women working and playing an active role outside the office.
Another way in which we encourage people to place greater importance on family is through an event called Family Day, which invites the family members of employees to come visit their offices and workplaces. We are active in the Kitakyushu-no Kigyojin-niyoru Shogakko Oendan (Kitakyushu Corporate Supporter for Elementary Schools), which calls on employees with elementary schoolchildren to actively take part in parent-teacher association activities and elementary school events. This is just one way in which we provide opportunities to deepen communication between employees and their family members. We also work with the union to actively publish special features on work-life balance in the union's newsletters and organize roundtable discussions.

Family Day ① (workplace tour)

Family Day ② (workplace tour)

Dual support for careers and life events

The TOTO Group supports balance between work and life events for employees while allowing them to continue with their careers by introducing and operating various systems.
The major support systems include an area limited employment system that employees can provisionally select a working area due to marriage, childbearing, childrearing and other reasons, a leave system that employees can take a leave for three years due to accompanying of spouse's overseas duties, a human resources registration system that when leaving office is unavoidable for any life events, employees can receive information on employment opportunities, and when the employees want to restart working after the reason is resolved, they can receive job information.