TOTO Group Universal Design Policy

TOTO Group Universal Design Policy

The TOTO Group, in manufacturing products that are used daily by a diverse array of people, contributes to the creation of a society that allows as many people as possible to live comfortable lives. It does this by offering easy-to-use products and services to as many customers as possible, suited to nationality, gender, age, physical ability and other such characteristics.

1. The TOTO Group contributes to the creation of living environments and social infrastructure that allow as many people as possible to live comfortable lives by creating new value in life through offering easy-to-use products and services.
2. The TOTO Group develops corporate citizens who contribute to society through education on and practice of universal design.
3. The TOTO Group actively engages in bidirectional communication with the public to contribute to the widespread use and promotion of universal design.

Universal Design of TOTO

The message reflects our long-term commitment to manufacturing since the foundation and our determination that the TOTO Group will continue to work on universal design.

TOTO’s universal design has evolved
by considering the life of various people
and solving their problems.
We will continue to listen to user opinions
and pursue usability for as many people as possible.

We at TOTO believe that
universal design starts with thinking about
what usability and comfort mean for each of us.
TOTO put the idea of usability and comfort together
and established TOTO’s Five Principles of Universal Design.
Always keeping it in mind, we develop and propose better products.

Research and Investigation

TOTO’s universal design is based on such insights in our daily lives as “This is not easy to use” or “It would be easier if it were like this.” We, at TOTO, place importance on these insights and focus on the activities to improve product usability through verification and on-site surveys, where we ask customers to actually use our product, in the product development process.

Efforts to Offer Universal Design to People

As an effort to provide usability for a wide range of people, the TOTO Group works to contribute to the development of laws, regulations, and standards; publicize its findings at academic conferences; and make research results known to the public.

History of Our Initiative

The TOTO Group started to develop handicapped-friendly products in the 1960s, and for half a century, it has been working to provide sanitary spaces that are easy to use for as many people as possible. We continue to provide sanitary spaces that solve and meet the difficulties and needs of people with various physical conditions and are compliant with the movement of the governments and laws.