How We Deal with Quality and Safety



Improving Product Quality and Safety

Quality Assurance Activities Conducted throughout the Entire Value Chain

For the purposes of assuring the quality of products that customers can use safely and securely, and providing products and services with which customers will be satisfied, the TOTO Group has introduced a comprehensive management system based on ISO 9001, and is continually making improvements to its quality assurance systems. In particular, to ensure product safety and promote the disclosure of information to customers, we have established the Basic Policy for Voluntary Action Plans on Product Safety as a basic policy on product safety.

Quality Management System

Quality Management System

Quality Management throughout the Entire TOTO Group

Collection and Management of Market Information

In the TOTO Group, considering safety first, all employees learn the acts and related technical standards to assure product safety according to their work, and strive to maintain and improve safety awareness, in addition to training to learn the specialist knowledge necessary to develop TOTO products, which is reflected in improved safety. Further, TOTO accumulates the information on defects and repairs that occur to products that customer have purchased, and which have been manufactured and sold by TOTO, and used to further improve the quality and safety of new products, and to improve existing products, throughout the TOTO Group.
  1. Sharing design know-how and failure examples
  2. Establishing and revising our own standards for safety and others
  3. Sharing information on how our plumbing products are used and in what environment

Product Design and Development Initiatives

The following is the manner in which we design and develop new products.
  1. We assume how customers will use the product, or the process in which it will get broken, or the status of the product when it is damaged, and incorporate the ideas into the design.
  2. We confirm long lasting reliability of the product by performing acceleration tests based on our manufacturing experience and scientific grounds. We also observe how or product gets broken by repeating tests until it is broken, or breaking it on purpose, and use the result of evaluation to improve product safety.

Production Initiatives

In product manufacturing, we conduct acceptance inspections and reviews to ensure that the proper level of quality is maintained in materials and outsourced goods. We also check to see if our products deliver the performance and characteristics that conform to the design quality in an effort to ensure product quality.

Quality Management in Collaboration with Business Partners

In order to offer products and services that satisfy customers, we strive to maintain and improve their quality in collaboration with business partners such as materials and components suppliers, logistics operators, dealers, and constructors.

Purchasing Initiatives

When starting transactions with new suppliers, the TOTO Group conducts on-site audits of those suppliers based on a comprehensive evaluation, including quality.
For Ongoing transaction suppliers, we conduct evaluations on quality and other items After selecting the target, and then provide them with the results.
In regards to transactions, we clarify our requests and actions regarding quality assurance, and then offer guidance and training to suppliers who we believe need to improve their quality management levels in an effort to ensure and enhance quality.
We explain the TOTO Group's policies to specific suppliers, share production information, and give out awards and letters of thanks to suppliers who help enhance quality.

Logistics Initiatives

We carry out quality management of logistics in accordance with the regular assessment of transport operators under the ISO 9001 standards.
On our website for logistics operators, we provide them with the cargo handling manual and delivery manual, and ask them to observe the provisions of these manuals.
As for freight handling manual, we added a new video to share detailed information.
We regularly organize meetings and conduct audits in an effort to improve quality.

Sales, Installation and After-sales Initiatives Services

In 1994, we launched the TOTO Remodel Club. We called on customers such as plumbers, constructors, and businesses where our products are installed to join the club, aiming to use the clubs as a means to propose new products. Three companies—TOTO, Daiken Corporation, and YKK AP Inc.—are working together to provide customers with comprehensive support, including proposals for remodeling plans, installation, equipment repair, and after-sales services. The Club is only open to operators that satisfy specific criteria. For members, it organizes meetings and distributes newsletters to share information in a bid to elevate sales and installation skills.
For products that require special expertise in installation, we conduct a program that recognizes constructors which have received the proper training or have passed installation exams. In addition, we ask that they check whether they meet the standards required by the TOTO Group and comply with them in order to ensure installation quality.
The COM-ET website for construction professionals also offers information on products, repairs, installation, and seminars to help ensure and enhance the quality of products and services.

How We Handle Product Safety Problems

We try our best to disclose information and handle problems properly

In the event that we learn about accidents or a sign of accidents caused by our products, we will quickly gather information from customers and other related parties, and disclose adequate information in collaboration with our sales dealers and others. In the case of a serious problem, we will likewise let them know about our plan to dissolve the problem including recall.