How we pursue Customer Satisfaction (Domestic CS Activities)



Domestic CS Activities

Management and Use of Information from Customers

The TOTO Group regards customer satisfaction (CS) as starting point of corporate management.
The items of information collected from customers through our domestic and overseas business activities are placed under proper database management in different countries. We analyze and review this information, and then use it to improve and propose products and services in an effort to win customer satisfaction.

Survey of Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer Service Center performs various surveys to see how satisfied customers are with our services.

Result of the Survey of Customer Satisfaction

  • Rate for customers impressed with assembly of our unit bathrooms
    Regarding assembly of these unit bathroom, ratio of customers saying they
    were "very satisfied" with the assembler's service and the finished result

Sharing and Implementation of Model Activities from the Customer Perspective

FY2016 TOTO Group Meeting of Customer Satisfaction
FY2016 TOTO Group Meeting of
Customer Satisfaction
Under the slogan of Implementation! Cooperation! For the smiles of customers whenever, everywhere!, all the divisions in the TOTO Group (manufacturing, indirect and sales and services divisions) engage in activities that aim to improve customer satisfaction.
For fiscal year 2016, we held the TOTO Group Customer Satisfaction Convention and a meeting in which presentations on divisional activities were given. This made it possible to share practical activities among all the participants, and expand the ring of collaboration with other colleagues. In addition, this convention has also helped us to better approach activities from the customer’s perspective.

Creating ties with customers and regions

FY2016 remolding fair at TOTO plants
FY2016 remolding fair at TOTO plants
As a member of the local community, our manufacturing sites in Japan engage in activities to create ties with customers through opening the doors of the plants.
During fiscal 2016, a total of 13 remodeling fairs were held at TOTO plants nationwide. Through these fairs, around 18,000 customers were able to find out about TOTO's products and services and the pleasure attainable from remodeling, and through plant tours and other activities, they were able to learn about our passion for manufacturing and quality.
We also communicate information about TOTO's activities on a daily basis to deepen our interaction with local residents and with nearby companies, schools and other organizations.
By increasing contact and familiarity with customers through activities that deepen exchange with people in the local community, nearby corporations and schools, organizations, we are raising our awareness for customer satisfaction and are linking this to action that will enable us to better meet customers' expectations.