How we pursue Customer Satisfaction (Domestic CS Activities)



Domestic CS Activities

Management and Use of Information from Customers

The TOTO Group regards customer satisfaction (CS) as starting point of corporate management.
The items of information collected from customers through our domestic and overseas business activities are placed under proper database management in different countries. We analyze and review this information, and then use it to improve and propose products and services in an effort to win customer satisfaction.

Survey of Customer Satisfaction

Our Customer Service Center performs various surveys to see how satisfied customers are with our services.

Result of the Survey of Customer Satisfaction

  • Rate for customers impressed with assembly of our unit bathrooms
    Regarding assembly of these unit bathroom, ratio of customers saying they
    were "very satisfied" with the assembler's service and the finished result

Sharing and Implementation of Model Activities from the Customer Perspective

FY2018 TOTO Group Meeting of Customer Satisfaction
FY2018 TOTO Group Meeting of
Customer Satisfaction
The TOTO Group is engaged in CS activities across the company to satisfy customers all over the world.

TOTO Group Meeting of Customer Satisfaction

The TOTO Group holds a customer satisfaction(CS) activities presentation competition based on customers perspective called the TOTO Group Meeting of Customer Satisfaction among a wide range of divisions that include customer service divisions, manufacturing divisions, and back-office divisions to provide them opportunities to present and share their CS activity results. In FY 2018, we presented and shared some customer satisfactions engagements of divisions that include those in overseas group companies under the slogan "Put into practice! Collaborate! Take a new step to make customers smile." Through such conferences, we would like to expand the circle of collaborations with overseas fellows further and engage in activities further from a customers point of view.

CS Report System

We have a system called the CS Report System, where every one of the workers in the TOTO Group can submit and share their CS activities. By sharing outcomes of each CS activity across the company via the Intranet, we can get stimulated by fellows activities, which then leads to further customer satisfaction.

Creating ties with customers and regions

FY2018 Remodeling Fair at TOTO plants
FY2018 Remodeling Fair at TOTO plants
As an activity to build customer relationship, we have held the Remodeling Fair in Factory since FY 2009. It has been 11 years since it started, and so far, 190 fairs were held in Japan and about 290,000 people visited. This helped customers to know TOTO's products and services, our passion towards manufacturing and attention to quality through factory tour.
Also, since FY 2018, we have provided the Anshin Remodeling consultation desk to respond to inquiries and concerns about remodeling and provide customers with advice that meets customer needs.
We would like to increase CS awareness to encourage employees to meet customers expectations through exchange activities with local communities, neighboring companies, and schools and groups.