Creating Products that Incorporate Customer Feedback



*Available in Japan only.

Here are some examples of products that were created by incorporating customer feedback

Kitchens that Incorporate Customer Feedback

This caused problems when cooking and cleaning up afterward!

We surveyed regular users of TOTO kitchen products, and received the following opinions

This caused problems when cooking and cleaning up afterward!

With sinks that have faucets on the left side, you have to fill a bowl with water and rinse the sink every time food scraps or other garbage collects on the right side.

This caused a problem when washing dishes!

I think it would have been better if I had gotten higher water faucets. Sometimes when washing pots, etc., the pots hit the faucet.

Approach from the viewpoint of problems customers aren't even aware of!

Approach from the viewpoint of problems customers aren't even aware of!

We confirmed how customers used their kitchens by observing customer behavior (*) while doing kitchen work. We also discovered problems that customers themselves were not aware of.
*A method for gaining an accurate understanding of an actual situation that is often used in the field of ergonomic engineering

Know your customers' lifestyles!

We didn't just research kitchen work; we also researched the customers' needs and lifestyles. We surveyed customers' thoughts and desires concerning their lifestyle.

Customers' thoughts and desire
  • Customers are busy every day taking children to and from school and other activities.However, they don't want to be thought of as being untidy.
  • They don't normally spend a lot of time cooking, but they keep things neat by cleaning daily.
  • However, they want kitchen work to be over quickly.
Solve the problems that are discovered

Based on customer feedback, we observed customer activity and solved any problems with equipment that was difficult to use. Thus a new kitchen was born, using a "Suisui design *3" that doesn't waste water or require extraneous operations.

Suberidai Sink *1 (Japanese only)

Mizuhouki Kitchen Faucet *2 (Japanese only)

*1 : In the Suberidai sink, the drain is located in the far corner of the sink, and food scraps and debris that are generated during cooking easily slide down the drain.
*2 : The Mizuhouki Kitchen Faucet has a long, tall opening from which the water sprays out, and the faucet head is tilted up diagonally at an angle, which makes it easy to wash things and saves water.
*3 : Suisui design is a design process in which we observe cooking procedures and how people move in the kitchen from the perspective of universal design, perform research, and use our findings to create products that are easy to use and don't waste water or create extra work for the people using them.

Kitchen satisfaction levels [Our research]

Kitchen satisfaction levels [Our research]

As a result of these activities, we have improved our customer satisfaction levels.

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