Basic Policy for Voluntary Action Plans on Product Safety



The TOTO Group has established a Basic Policy for Voluntary Action Plans on Product Safety for the purpose of delivering commodities that customers can use safely and securely. In addition to giving top priority to ensuring product safety, we also proactively disclose relevant information to customers, aiming to be a company trusted by people around the world.

1. Formulating and executing the voluntary action plan

By formulating, executing and continually improving our voluntary action plan for product safety, we are actively engaged in ensuring the safety of products, aiming to permeate an awareness among employees and to cultivate and maintain a culture for "customer first" and "product safety first."

2. Practicing essential product safety

In addition to striving to mitigate risk by using scientific methods to conduct risk analysis and assessment, we also practice essential safety design.

3. Taking improper use into consideration

As well as striving to improve product safety so that products can be used safely by customers, we also endeavor to alert users, such as by means of instruction manuals and labels on products, so as to avoid accidents attributable to misuse or carelessness.

4. Collecting and disclosing information on accidents

We actively collect information from customers on accidents involving our products. In addition, in collaboration with our distributors, dealers and other outside parties, we are committed to disclosing appropriate information to customers and other relevant people.

5. Responding to accidents involving our products

We promptly report any accidents involving our products to the proper authorities in accordance with laws and regulations. In the event a serious accident occurs which is attributable to one of our products, we promptly notify customers and other relevant people about any product recall.

6. Continually reviewing and improving product safety activities

Using our quality management system, we continually review our product safety activities, and actively make improvements where necessary.