Approach to "Cleanliness and Comfort"



Provide Cleanliness and Comfort for Life
The TOTO Group continuously offers products that relate to people’s lifestyles, centering on bathroom and kitchen plumbing products. To realize the desire of the Group’s founder to enrich people’s lifestyles through our businesses, we have focused on enhancing cleanliness and comfort within our product development, while thinking about the customer first.
Going forward, we will deliver clean and healthy lifestyles to people around the world, so that anybody, from a child to the elderly, can have fun, keep energy, and use our products even if life stages change.
“Cleanliness and comfort” is one of three global themes of the TOTO Global Environmental Vision. To help us achieve this theme, we have established the goals of “realize cleanliness and comfort throughout the world” and “pursue ease of use for everyone” and are working to deliver clean and comfortable toilets on a global basis.

Realize Cleanliness and Comfort throughout the World

The TOTO Group has refined its manufacturing technology over the last one hundred years. To create clean and comfortable toilet spaces for our customers, we have developed a range of clean technologies unique to TOTO, such as Ewater+, CEFIONTECT, Rimless, Tornado Flush, and non-contact technology like Touchless. We will disseminate such technologies under the slogan of TOTO Cleanovation, which is a term coined from clean and innovation.

Pursue Ease of Use for Everyone

We propose and develop products by considering the livelihood of each and every one of our customers, including their age, physical condition, and lifestyle, in pursuit of craftsmanship that blends seamlessly into everyday life.

Various Initiatives to Pursue Ease of Use for Everyone

The TOTO Group contributes to the creation of an affluent and comfortable society through its bathroom and kitchen plumbing products. In the 1960s, we began efforts that take into consideration those with disabilities, and are now making strides toward universal design as we pursue ease of use for everyone. In addition to developing and selling products that make use of universal design, we also issue reports that survey the questions and concerns that people in wheelchairs, people with infants, sexual minorities, and other groups have when using toilets outside of their homes. In addition, we make proposals for toilet spaces that take into account various circumstances, and these proposals have been adopted in numerous locations. Furthermore, by leveraging the insight we have in this regard, we actively suggest recommendations for laws and regulations, thereby helping to establish JIS and ISO standards pertaining to the design and layout of toilet operation equipment installed in public bathrooms.
In recent years, we have been collaborating with public and private institutions to accelerate efforts toward establishing comfortable, easy-to-use toilet facilities geared toward travelers at sightseeing destinations. In doing so, we have been promoting proposals for “toilet hospitality” that pursues ease of use for everyone.

TOTO’s Universal Design

Inheriting the Words of Our Founder, beginning with “Kindness must always come first,” we believe craftsmanship is the act of considering people. To that end, we have continued to evolve TOTO’s Universal Design by closely observing the lifestyles of various people and turning a sympathetic ear to their concerns. To pursue the ease of use of our products for an even greater number of people going forward, we will listen to a broad range of opinions and develop and promote products of even higher quality.