Approach to "Cleanliness and Comfort"



Provide Cleanliness and Comfort for Life
Pleasant feeling for everyday use.
Our products are part of life, providing revolutionary cleanliness and comfort for a thriving future.

Realize cleanliness and comfort throughout the world.

Technologies that Keep Toilets Clean and Pleasant

TOTO has refined its manufacturing technology over the last hundred years. To create hygienic and pleasant toilet spaces for our customers, we have developed a range of clean technologies unique to TOTO, such as ewater+, Cefiontect dirt-resistant glazing, the Tornado Flush system and rimless design. Together, these technologies remove bacteria, prevent the buildup of dirt and make cleaning easier, resulting in toilets that are not only resistant to dirt and easy to clean, but also achieve new heights in hygiene by effectively cleaning themselves.

WASHLET™ – Gaining Popularity throughout the World

Launched in 1980, WASHLET has created a new lifestyle and culture for Japanese toilets. After launching in Japan, WASHLET products were introduced to the U.S. market in 1986. From then, we began moving forward with the installation of these products in luxury hotels in countries throughout the world, thereby expanding our sales in China, Asia and Oceania, and Europe. As a result, cumulative WASHLET shipments exceeded 40 million units globally as of July 2015. Today, sales of WASHLET products continue to grow on a global basis.

Pursue ease of use for everyone.

TOTO’s Universal Design

The key principle of universal design at TOTO is to make products as easy and comfortable to use as possible for as many people as possible. We firmly believe that the starting point for universal design is to define what “easy to use” and “comfort” means. To that end, we have set out TOTO’s Five Principles of Universal Design, which employees always keep in mind to help them develop better products and improve product ideas.

Universal design(UD) activities are promoted throughout the Company, centering on the TOTO UD Research Center, established in 2006

inspection at TOTO UD Research Center