On Winning the iF product design award and the iF universal design award

The iF design awards were established in 1953 and are organized by International Forum Design based in Hanover, Germany. These authoritative awards are given each year to outstanding industrial product designs from all over the world. Entries are screened under relevant award categories, including product design award, communication design award, concept award and universal design award. Out of these awards TOTO has received five awards for product design award and four for universal design award.

iF design award
iF product design award 2009

The iF product design award is awarded based on eleven criteria, such as “design quality,” “choice of material,” “innovativeness,” “human engineering aspects” and “brand value.” The 2009 iF product design award has been presented to 802 products of the 2,808 entries from 27 countries around the world.

prize winners
universal design award 09

The iF universal design award on the other hand, is awarded based on five criteria, which are “fair use,” “flexible use,” “intuitive use,” “allowing margin of error and safe” and “marketability and innovativeness.” The 2009 iF universal design award saw a total of 131 product entries from 18 countries around the world.

prize winners