They deserve the best, they deserve TOTO.
Show your love with WASHLET®.

2019.03.18 - 2019.4.21


Show your love with WASHLET®.
They deserve the best, they deserve TOTO.

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For Airport Travelers

Utilizing universal design, GALLERY TOTO is offering a total of 10 booths, including four booths designated for men and women respectively, along with a breastfeeding room and a multi-function toilet. We invite you to experience all of the different features and functions on offer.

The GALLERY TOTO at Narita International Airport is located in the connecting corridor of NARITA SKY LOUNGE "WA", which connects Passenger Terminal 2 (the main building) and the Satellite (annex).

For Hotel Travelers


Experience WASHLET® at the following hotels.

  • Andaz Tokyo Toranomon Hills

    1-23-4ToranomonMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Cerulean Tower Tokyu Hotel

    26-1Sakuragaoka-choShibuya-ku Tokyo

  • Grand Hyatt Tokyo

    6-10-3RoppongiMinato-Ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo

    2-10-8SekiguchiBunkyo-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Gajoen Tokyo

    1-8-1ShimomeguroMeguro-ku Tokyo

  • hotel koe tokyo

    3-7UdagawachoShibuya-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel New Otani Tokyo

    4-1Kioi-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Imperial Hotel Tokyo

    1-1-1Uchisaiwai-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Keio Plaza Hotel Tokyo

    2-2-1Nishi-ShinjukuShinjuku-Ku Tokyo

  • Marunouchi Hotel

    1-6-3MarunouchiChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Okura Tokyo

    2-10-4ToranomonMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo

    1-104-19Totsuka-machShinjuku-Ku Tokyo

  • Sheraton Miyako Hotel Tokyo

    1-1-50ShirokanedaiMinato-ku Tokyo

  • The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

    2-10-3Nagata-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Tokyo Marriott Hotel

    4-7-36KitashinagawaShinagawa-ku Tokyo

  • Tokyo Station Hotel

    1-9-1MarunouchiChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Akasaka Excel Hotel Tokyu

    2-14-3Nagata-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Courtyard by Marriott Tokyo Station

    2-1-3KyobashiChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Courtyard Tokyo Ginza Hotel

    14-10GinzaChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Dai-ichi Hotel Tokyo

    1-2-6ShimbashiMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Granbell Hotel Shinjuku

    2-14-5Kabuki-choShinjuku-Ku Tokyo

  • Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba

    2-6-1DaibaMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Hibiya City Hotel Tokyo Shinbashi

    2-8-10Nishi-ShimbashiMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Century Southern Tower

    2-2-1YoyogiShibuya-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Gracery Ginza

    7-10-1GinzaChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Gracery Tamachi

    3-8-1ShibauraMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Grand Palace

    1-1-1IidabashiChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel INTERGATE Tokyo Kyobashi

    3-7-8KyobashiChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi

    1-7-12MarunouchiChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Metropolitan Tokyo Ikebukuro

    1-6-1Nishi-IkebukuroToshima-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Monterey Hanzomon

    23-1 Ichiban-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Monterey La Soeur Ginza

    1-10-18GinzaChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Niwa Tokyo

    1-1-16Kandamisaki-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel Royal Park

    2-1-1Nihonbashi-Kakigara-choChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Hotel the M akasaka INNSOMNIA

    2-14-14AkasakaMinato-ku Tokyo

  • JR Kyushu Hotel Blossom Shinjuku

    2-6-2YoyogiShibuya-ku Tokyo

  • Keio Plaza Hotel Hachioji

    14-1Asahi-choHachioji City Tokyo

  • Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo

    5-11-1GinzaChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Ginza Premier

    8-13-1GinzaChuo-ku Tokyo

  • Mitsui Garden Hotel Shiodome Italia Gai

    2-14-24Higashi-shimbashiMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Richmond Hotel Premier Asakusa International

    2-6-7AsakusaTaito-ku Tokyo

  • Richmond hotel premier tokyo oshiage

    1-10-3OshiageSumida-ku Tokyo

  • Shibuya Excel Hotel Tokyu

    1-12-2DogenzakaShibuya-ku Tokyo

  • Shinagawa Prince Hotel ANNEX Tower

    4-10-30TakanawaMinato-ku Tokyo

  • the b roppongi

    3-9-8RoppongiMinato-ku Tokyo

  • the b tokyo akasaka-mitsuke

    3-21-7AkasakaMinato-ku Tokyo

  • The Celestine Hotel Ginza

    8-4-22GinzaChuo-ku Tokyo

  • The Celestine Hotel Tokyo Shiba

    3-23-1ShibaMinato-ku Tokyo

  • Tobu Hotel Levant Tokyo

    1-2-2KinshiSumida-ku Tokyo

  • Tokyo Dome Hotel

    1-3-61KorakuBunkyo-ku Tokyo

  • Toshi Center Hotel

    2-4-1Hirakawa-choChiyoda-ku Tokyo



*Not real name

We have been using WASHLET® for over 10 years.

My name is Zhao Lei and I am 45 years old. I was born and raised in a large city. At present I live with my 74-year-old mother and 11-year-old son. The whole family has great faith in the TOTO brand and will only consider TOTO for their plumbing needs. In fact, we installed and have been using WASHLET® for over 10 years. But recently, my mother suggested that it might be about time to replace WASHLET®, so my son and I decided to present her with one on Respect for the Aged Day this year. While checking out the TOTO website for new products we saw the Thank Your Parent campaign and decided to apply.

Honestly, I never dreamed that I would win. Having been a long-time supporter of TOTO products I was overjoyed that our loyalty was repaid in this way. We have become more and more appreciative of TOTO. On Respect for the Aged Day, when we gave my mother the WASHLET® that we had won, she was so delighted. Thanks to TOTO I have been able to fulfil my daughterly devotion in a good way.

Daily life is so much easier and more comfortable.

With the help of TOTO, my daughter and grandson replaced our WASHLET® with the latest model. Back when I was still working, I had the opportunity to go to Japan several times. Since using WASHLET® there, I didn't think there was anything else that could make daily life so much easier and more comfortable. I kept an eye on TOTO's technological advances from around that time and periodically checked their website. Technology certainly does progress over 10 years and as I expect the new models are even better. I really believe that TOTO should make their wonderful products more widely known. Thank you so much.

Thank Your

All winners have received their WASHLET®.
We look forward to your participation in our next campaign. Until we meet again!



*Not real name

Our daily lives changed.

WASHLET® arrived from my daughter who lives in Japan and we immediately had it installed and started to use it. I was so happy I almost cried. I am so grateful to my daughter and to the TOTO company. I turn 52 years of age this year, but when I visited Japan in the past, although I did use WASHLET® there, I never ever thought that I would have one installed in my own home. While the city where I live is large, here in this area is still underdeveloped about toilet. My own parents also apparently had the impression that a WASHLET® was very expensive (although it is not so much) and said that they never imagined they could install one in their own home. Our daily lives changed. Lately they are constantly saying what a devoted granddaughter she is.

My first act of devotion to my parents.

My name is Wang Jing and I was a campaign winner. I am 25 years old and currently studying in Japan. One of the things that surprised me when I came to Japan was that a wide variety of places like apartments and schools were all equipped with WASHLET®. It is often said that Japan is a world leader in toilet technology, but this allowed me to experience a degree of convenience that I could not experience with the typical toilets we use in China. I participated in this campaign with the idea that I absolutely wanted my parents and my grandparents who live in China to experience WASHLET®.

Recently, when I saw my parents using a magnifying glass to read things like user instructions, I realized that they are ageing and wanted to do something to express my devotion to them sooner, rather than later. When I looked at TOTO's video on their website with the catchphrase of "They deserve the best, they deserve TOTO.", it fit very well with my feelings. Being something that they would use every day, I wanted my parents to have something of quality, so I started my first devotion to my parents with WASHLET®.

Thank Your

All winners have received their WASHLET®.
We look forward to your participation in our next campaign. Until we meet again!



*Not real name

At present I live apart from my parents.

My name is Li Na and I am 29 years old. When I graduated from university I took the opportunity to leave home to live in a city where I am employed in the IT industry. My parents currently work in the insurance industry in my home town. I would really like to live with my parents, but I feel that it would be both financially and physically very difficult for them to relocate. As everyone knows, there is an enormous difference in China between urban and regional infrastructure. A clean toilet and confortable WASHLET® are gradually becoming commonplace where I live, but that is not very likely to happen where my parents live. The last time I went back home after a long absence, after looking at the plumbing situation in the house where I was raised, I privately resolved to please my parents by cleaning up the toilets and bath in the house.

I was able to gift my parents their first TOTO experience.

In July of this year I travelled to Japan and the hotel I stayed at was equipped with WASHLET®. I thought it was a very good-looking and fantastic product. I now understand why Chinese people bring WASHLET® back with them when traveling home from Japan. They really do improve quality of life. After returning to China, in Weibo, I just happened to see a TOTO Thank Your Parents video. When I saw the happy faces of the people in the video, I thought that I too would like to gift my own parents with a similar experience, so I participated in their campaign. TOTO is a world leader in toilet manufacturing and their high level of quality is well known, even in China.

On Respect for the Aged Day, I received a call from my mother who had received her WASHLET® gift. I feel as though I should have done it sooner but I am happy that my parents are so delighted with it. The fact is, when I started work I became busy and had fewer opportunities to express my thanks to my parents for all they had done for me. Also, my parents had mostly experienced everything that I had experienced. So to be able to give them this first experience and have them so delighted makes me very thankful for being a campaign winner.

Thank Your

All winners have received their WASHLET®.
We look forward to your participation in our next campaign. Until we meet again!

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