TOTO began manufacturing the ceramic seated flush toilet with the hope of providing a healthy and civilized way of life.
  • TO Observe People
  • Maximizing the power of Water
  • Material Appreciation
TOTO has cultivated a wide range of innovative technologies over the last 100 years.
Activities based on these technologies are spreading throughout the world.
Our founding philosophy of providing healthy and civilized way of life is what drives TOTO innovation.
  • Tornado Flush

    The swirling tornado stream effectively uses a small amount of water to efficiently clean even tough stains.

    This flushing system completely clears the toilet bowl with every flush.

  • ewater+

    A function to cleanse the toilet bowl and WASHLETTM nozzle with a mist of electrolyzed water.

    ewater+ keeps toilet bowl hygienic and prevents the buildup of dirt and grime and reduces the need for frequent cleaning and harsh chemicals.

  • Cefiontect

    A technology that smoothens the concave ceramic surface to a nano level of one to the one millionth millimeter.

    This prevents debris from sticking to the surface.

    This unique TOTO technology repels dirt and makes cleaning easy.

  • Aerial Shower/Aero Shower

    TOTO's new technology aerates water for even larger water droplets, creating a more enjoyable shower experience while conserving roughly 35% more water than conventional showers.

  • WonderWave Cleansing

    Available on WASHLETTM and Neorests, the powerful water wand delivers cleansing with a minimal amount of water through a water bead pump system.

    WonderWave cleansing offers both conservation and comfort with the fullness in larger water beads and strength in small water droplets.

  • EcoPower/Self Power Technology

    The necessary power for the operation of our faucets and flush valves is sourced by self-sustaining, hydropower system. No external power source needed.

    Our Smart Sensors ensure instantaneous water response, minimizing water wastage.